“Be Brave. We Hope You Win”: With the Backing of the Community, Seattle School Bus Driver Strike Continues Into Third Day

February 5, 2018

First Student school bus drivers for the Seattle School District are still on an Unfair Labor Practice strike today, as First Student continues to refuse to provide adequate, affordable healthcare. The strike has been hard on all involved, but none more so than the drivers themselves, who have been spending their days on the cold, wet picket lines. They keep up the fight because they know their cause is righteous: they need healthcare that will allow them and their children to receive basic medical care without going into deep debt or even bankruptcy to get it.

Support from the Seattle community has been incredible, and has been a huge boost to the striking drivers’ morale. Supporters have helped provide food, coffee, heat, and something even more valuable: solidarity and love. Supporters — including three Seattle City Council members and a King County Council member — have come down to walk the picket lines with the drivers, and one supporter delivered a packet of letters written by Seattle schoolchildren to the picket line in Lake City. View some highlights here: http://teamsters174.net/0787_001/

Messages of support from Seattle schoolchildren

Meanwhile, the strike continues as these school bus drivers take on Goliath. Thank you for the support, Seattle! Every bit helps.

Breakfast and dessert, donated by supporters with messages of love and support

Striking drivers on the picket line in South Park on Day 1 of the strike

Striking workers on the picket line in Lake City on Day 1 of the strike

Striking drivers and supporters on the picket line in South Park on Day 2 of the strike

Canine supporter on the picket line in South Park on Day 3 of the strike