Brian Davis Remembered by Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks

Posted: November 10, 2014
Source: Teamsters Local 174

Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks’ remarks at Nov. 8, 2014 “Celebration of Live” for Brian Davis

Welcome Brian’s Sisters and Brothers, family, friends, members, colleagues and Employers. Today we join in saying farewell to one of our own.

Local 174 Business Agent and Joint Council 28 Freight Director Brian Davis was called to a greater cause that we cannot begin to explain.

BD-video-placeholderWe try to make sense of this unexpected and inexplicable loss but the almighty Father is the only one who truly knows why Brian was taken from us at this time.

Someday … certainly not today … but someday, we will all understand why at such a young age of 48 and with so much more to accomplish Brian was called to serve the heavenly Father’s needs in a different way.

Today we will mourn. We will cry. We will laugh and we will celebrate. We will share stories and we will learn about our Brother Brian who was so much more than a Union Official.

He was a father, a soul mate, a great coworker, a loyal friend to many … a student of some and a mentor to others.

He genuinely cared about people and he would do anything for anyone in need.

He was a champion of the lawn darts!

He was a leader!

He was competitive, he was funny, he was tough but also compassionate, he was a military man to the core and he was one of the best tractor trailer drivers I ever knew.

He was driven but most of all he loved his family.

— Read the full text of Rick’s remarks.

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