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  • Hero Among Us: Teamster at Peninsula Truck Lines Performs CPR to Save a Stranger’s Life

    May 23, 2017

    For Chris Tyrolt, a five-year Teamster driver at Peninsula Truck Lines, the day was progressing just like any other on the route he had been driving every day for a year and a half. After making a delivery to a customer in Lakewood, Tyrolt parked his truck and began to eat his lunch.

    Chris Tyrolt of Peninsula Truck Lines

    Suddenly, all hell broke loose.

    “I saw this young kid run past my truck, full speed, and when I looked where he was running, this guy was just on the ground,” Tyrolt said. “He looked like he was maybe having a seizure, legs and arms up in the air, foaming at the mouth.”

    In a situation that would have left many of us frozen with panic, Tyrolt sprang into action. He ran over to the man and assessed the situation. “He obviously wasn’t breathing, and his eyes were totally glazed over,” Tyrolt said.

    He quickly ordered one person to call 911 while he started doing chest compressions on the man. Tyrolt had previously been trained in first aid, but that was many years ago. He was operating mainly on instinct at this point.