• “A Life-Changing Experience”: Local 174 Members Return from Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

    October 19, 2017

    Local 174 Senior Business Agent/Recording Secretary Carl Gasca and Local 174 Safeway member Ben Narayan depart from Seattle

    For Teamsters Local 174 member Ben Narayan, the decision to go down to Puerto Rico and help with hurricane relief was easy.

    “I saw on CNN that the Mayor down there was pleading ‘we can’t move the containers, we don’t have truck drivers.’ Well the Teamsters are built on trucking – it’s the backbone of our Union,” said Ben, a 30-year Teamster who has worked at Safeway since 2009. “I said ‘we need to be helping these people by sending truck drivers down.’”

  • First Student Teamsters Speak Before the Seattle School Board

    October 18, 2017 It was an electrifying evening at the Seattle School Board meeting, as dozens of First Student drivers attended the meeting wearing their reflective vests and carrying handmade signs. The signs, along with the energetic presence of the drivers themselves, made it clear to the Seattle School Board that this labor dispute does not […]

  • Strike Appears Imminent at First Student as Negotiations Break Down

    Unfair Labor Practices at Seattle School District Bus Contractor Threaten to Send up to 400 School Bus Drivers to the Street October 12, 2017 Negotiations between Teamsters Local 174 and Seattle School District bus contractor First Student broke down yesterday. The negotiations over healthcare and retirement – which affect over 400 school bus drivers in […]

  • Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Update: October 10

    October 10, 2017 Today marks the sixth full day that Teamsters — including Local 174 Safeway member Ben Narayan and Senior Business Agent/Recording Secretary Carl Gasca — will spend in Puerto Rico helping to clean up and rebuild after Hurricane Maria devastated the island. The past five days have been filled with hard work that […]

  • APP Teamsters Vote Unanimously in Favor of Strike Action

    As The Battle for a First Contract Drags On, Local 174 Members Send Strong Message to APP Management

    October 3, 2017

    This Sunday, Teamsters from APP/World Fuel Services showed the incredible power of solidarity as they voted unanimously in favor of a strike action at their employer. The group of almost 90 fuel truck drivers have been fighting for a first contract for nearly a year, and this strike authorization vote was an important next step in that battle.

    The APP drivers voted to join Teamsters Local 174 in November of last year. Since then, even without a contract, the group has seen firsthand the power of union representation on the job, as Local 174 Senior Business Agent and Western Region Tankhaul Director David Jacobsen has successfully fought back against every unjust termination the company has attempted in the past year. These newly-minted Teamsters were also able to support their Teamster Brothers and Sisters in the sand and gravel industry by refusing to cross the picket lines during the CalPortland strike in August.

  • Local 174 Members at First Student Vote to Authorize Strike Action

    School bus drivers authorize strike after their Employer refuses to provide healthcare or retirement security

    September 27, 2017

    School bus drivers at First Student gathered in the Local 174 Union Hall auditorium this past weekend to discuss and vote on the next step in their battle for healthcare and retirement security. After a nearly two-hour informational meeting, the workers voted by a resounding 96% margin in favor of authorizing a strike action against their Employer.

    First Student driver and Bargaining Committee member Renita Wright casts her ballot

    Negotiations over healthcare and pension have been going on for several months between First Student and the bus drivers, who have been members of Teamsters Local 174 since 2013. The group of approximately 450 school bus drivers ratified a contract last year that guaranteed their wages and language to protect their rights on the job; however, retirement and healthcare issues were not settled at that time. Instead, both sides agreed to reopen these issues in 2017.

    Now that the time has come to reach agreements on healthcare and pension, however, it has become clear that First Student never intended to take these issues seriously. “They came to the table, ostensibly ready to bargain healthcare, but then they couldn’t tell us what those costs would be, nor could they tell us what kind of budget the School Board had given them,” said Local 174 Director of Negotiations Patty Warren. “How are we supposed to bargain over numbers when we don’t even know what those numbers are? It just demonstrates that this company never really intended to reach an agreement with us. We are filing Unfair Labor Practice charges for Bad Faith Bargaining and Surface Bargaining as they never intended to reach an Agreement on these very important issues.”

  • Delivery Drivers Vote to Join Teamsters Local 174

    Group of Drivers is First in the Nation to Organize with a Union September 6, 2017 Almost seventy delivery drivers at voted today to join Teamsters Local 174, a historic victory with potentially wide-ranging effects as these are the first delivery drivers in the nation to vote to join a Union. The organizing […]

  • Local 174 Shop Steward at DHL Wins National Rodeo

    August 31, 2017 August 18 was a proud day for DHL driver and Teamsters Local 174 shop steward Jana Heideman, as she was announced the winner of DHL’s second annual “Courier Rodeo Safe Driving Competition.” After placing fifth in last year’s event, she was thrilled to emerge victorious in this year’s rodeo. Jana’s victory was months […]