• The Teamster Olden Days: A Trip Down Local 741 Memory Lane

    June 20, 2017 A couple of weeks ago, Local 174 received a phone call from a man claiming to be one of the few remaining retirees from Teamsters Local 741. He said that he had some 741 memorabilia, and wondered if we wanted it. The answer to that was an enthusiastic “hell yes!” Teamsters Local […]

  • Teamster Truck at the Shilshole Rally June 8, 2017

    June 9, 2017 Yesterday, the Teamster truck attended a rally in Ballard to continue our fight against the Seattle City Council’s attempt to build a bicycle path on Shilshole Ave, directly under the path of hundreds of loaded freight vehicles per day. The event was a success, with cooperative weather, great turnout, and a skilled driver […]

  • Mondelez Teamsters Vote Unanimously to Authorize Strike Action

    June 5, 2017

    On June 3, 2017, Mondelez Teamsters from Local 174 and Local 117 all stood together in solidarity and voted unanimously to authorize a strike action if necessary. The group of workers includes Local 117 members working in a warehouse, and Local 174 members who deliver Mondelez products to stores. These workers have been in contract negotiations for several months with a Company that seems intent on giving them as little as possible — despite making billions of dollars in annual profit and having a stock price that has gone up more than 37% over the past three years.

    “They came to us at the bargaining table crying poor. But there’s just one problem: their financial information is public and they are anything but poor,” said Mondelez employee and Bargaining Committee member Mick Fleming. “Their CEO made well over $15 million last year. Now they want to take that money out of MY pocket? No way.”

    In 2016, Mondelez reported $25.9 billion in revenues and $2.57 billion in operating profit. Meanwhile, the Company is not even willing to provide its employees with sick leave.

  • Photos from Sand and Gravel Demands Meeting — May 21, 2017

    June 2, 2017

    On May 21, 2017, Local 174 members from five different Sand and Gravel employers came down to the Union hall to hold their Demands Meeting.

    It was a productive meeting that gave the Local 174 contract negotiating team a good idea of what was important to the membership for their upcoming contract negotiation.

    At the meeting, a Bargaining Committee was also selected. These representatives from the rank-and-file membership will attend all bargaining sessions with the Companies. They are:

    John Anderson from Stoneway Seattle
    Sean Stott from Stoneway Renton
    Greg Allen from Salmon Bay
    Todd Parker from Cadman Seattle
    Dave McDowell from Cadman Eastside
    Manny Navarro from Cadman Eastside
    Ken Fiene from CalPortland
    Mark Hislop from CalPortland
    Curtis Emerson from Lehigh Cement

    Here are some photos from the event. The full set is at the bottom, and is also available on Facebook at

  • Photos from Safeway Demands Meeting — May 21, 2017

    June 1, 2017

    I apologize for the delay in getting these pictures up, but as you can imagine, when dealing with photos of such a good-looking group, I wanted to make sure I gave my full attention to every single picture.

    On May 21, 2017, we had the Safeway Demands Meeting here at the Union hall. At this important meeting, members of the Safeway bargaining unit discussed their priorities and demands for the upcoming contract negotiation between Teamsters Local 174 and Safeway.

    The world’s most cheerful sign-in attendants

  • Fighting the Beverage Tax: Several Important Victories, and a Press Release

    May 31, 2017

    This morning, we were back at City Hall to attend the Seattle City Council meeting, just as we have been for every meeting where the Beverage Tax was on the agenda. At this meeting, the Affordable Housing, Neighborhoods, and Finance Committee took public comment on the proposed Beverage Tax, and then voted on several amendments to the bill before eventually taking a vote on whether or not the bill should move forward to the full Council for an up-or-down vote.

    The core group that has attended nearly every Council meeting since the Beverage Tax was proposed

    While the proposal did successfully move past the Committee and will be voted on by the full Council next week, we are pleased to announce that because of the incredible efforts of our Local 174 members in the beverage industry, and the lobbying efforts of our beverage industry Teamster Business Agents, some important changes have been made to the bill that will make it far less harmful to our members.

    Those changes include:

    1. The removal of diet soda from the tax, which should help to decrease the number of jobs that are lost as a result of this tax; and
    2. The addition of $1.5 million in funds to put towards worker retraining programs to assist those that lose their jobs as a result of this tax.
  • Selland Auto Transport Learns a $36,000 Lesson in What Happens When You Mess with the Teamsters

    Illegally Fired Mechanics Reinstated with Back Pay After Teamsters Intervene

    May 30, 2017

    When Bill Adams received notice from his employer telling him he didn’t have a job anymore, the last thing he expected was for his story to end with a more than $11,000 payday and a new job somewhere even better. But because of the Teamsters Union, that is exactly what happened.

    Adams, who had been a mechanic at carhaul company Selland Auto Transport for 12 years, was called into the shop manager’s office on December 6, 2016 along with two of his coworkers and told that it was their last day of work. “My stomach just dropped right out of me,” Adams said. “I was totally caught off guard that this was happening.”

    Former Selland Auto Transport mechanic Bill Adams

  • Hero Among Us: Teamster at Peninsula Truck Lines Performs CPR to Save a Stranger’s Life

    May 23, 2017

    For Chris Tyrolt, a five-year Teamster driver at Peninsula Truck Lines, the day was progressing just like any other on the route he had been driving every day for a year and a half. After making a delivery to a customer in Lakewood, Tyrolt parked his truck and began to eat his lunch.

    Chris Tyrolt of Peninsula Truck Lines

    Suddenly, all hell broke loose.

    “I saw this young kid run past my truck, full speed, and when I looked where he was running, this guy was just on the ground,” Tyrolt said. “He looked like he was maybe having a seizure, legs and arms up in the air, foaming at the mouth.”

    In a situation that would have left many of us frozen with panic, Tyrolt sprang into action. He ran over to the man and assessed the situation. “He obviously wasn’t breathing, and his eyes were totally glazed over,” Tyrolt said.

    He quickly ordered one person to call 911 while he started doing chest compressions on the man. Tyrolt had previously been trained in first aid, but that was many years ago. He was operating mainly on instinct at this point.

  • Photos from the Touch a Truck Event — May 20, 2017

    The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for spending a few hours outside hanging out with Teamsters at the Touch a Truck event this past Saturday! The Teamster truck looked stunning against the bright blue sky … … as did the trucks driven by Teamsters Dean McMahon from Safeway and Edward Venning from Stoneway Concrete: The event […]

  • Fighting the Beverage Tax: Silenced Speeches for the Seattle City Council

    May 19, 2017

    On Wednesday, May 17, 2017, the Seattle City Council met to take public comment on their proposed Beverage Tax. This tax, if implemented, would devastate jobs in the beverage industry in Seattle, just as it did to workers in the beverage industry in Philadelphia when a similar tax was implemented in January of this year. You can learn more about the background of the situation here.

    Unfortunately, the Council limited comments and our members were not given the chance to speak. However, we will NOT be silenced. If we can’t speak in the City Council Chambers, then we will speak here instead.

    Here are our stories:

  • Fighting the Beverage Tax: Seattle City Council Meeting — May 3, 2017

    May 3, 2017

    Today, the Seattle City Council held their first meeting that involved public comment on the proposed Beverage Tax. The Teamsters strongly oppose this tax because it is a demonstrated killer of good jobs — a similar-but-lower tax destroyed hundreds of Teamster jobs in Philadelphia, and we do not want to see the same situation arise in Seattle. Read more about our position here and here.

    Several Teamster members in the Beverage Industry came to give testimony in front of the Council.

    Adam Murphy, Local 174 member at Columbia Distributing; JR Noa, Local 174 member at Coca-Cola; Luke Vaule, Local 174 member at Coca-Cola; and Anthony Brown, Local 174 member at PepsiCo

  • Pictures from the May Day March — May 1, 2017

    May 2, 2017 We had a great day yesterday at Seattle’s May Day march! The Teamster truck was, as usual, driven by our very own Senior Business Agent Carl Gasca. He managed to maneuver our slightly ancient and slightly decrepit (but still good!) truck down the narrow streets of Seattle and park it safely and […]