• Teamsters, Shareholders Call on UPS to Disclose Lobbying Efforts

    May 4, 2017

    UPS Teamsters Rally at Shareholder Meeting to Support Lobbying Accountability Proposal

    (WILMINGTON, Del.) – UPS employees and Teamster Union leaders gathered this morning outside the package giant’s annual shareholder meeting to demand lobbying disclosures and accountability at the company. A proposal co-sponsored by the Teamsters was presented in the meeting calling for transparent reporting of the company’s lobbying activity, which includes contributions to groups like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

    “It’s time for UPS to stop wasting resources on legislative efforts that not only undercut the long-term interests of the company, but also the interests of its shareholders, many of whom are UPS employees and retirees,” said Sean O’Brien, Director of the Teamsters Package Division.

  • WSJ: UPS Tries a New Twist on Surge Pricing

    May 1, 2017 Wall Street Journal, May 1, 2017 United Parcel Service Inc. wants to get paid for packages it never delivers. The company is starting to ask major retailers to help pay for extra workers and surplus space on trucks when a retailer fails to ship as many packages as planned during peak periods, […]

  • Teamsters Local 25 Wins Arbitration Case Against UPS

    April 19, 2017

    Arbitrator Awards Back Pay for Injured Package Driver

    On April 12, an arbitrator ruled in favor of Teamsters Local 25 in a case involving a UPS package driver who was injured and not permitted to work despite being released by his doctor. The arbitrator found UPS in violation of Article 20, Sections 2 and 3 of the National Master Agreement and awarded retroactive pay for John Perry, the driver involved in the case.

    “This is a significant decision by the arbitrator because it addresses an issue that many of our locals have encountered when it comes to injured UPS members,” said Sean O’Brien, Director of the Teamsters Package Division and President of Local 25 in Boston.

  • UPS Teamster Makes Heroic Rescue

    April 14, 2017

    Local 25 Member Saves Two People From Burning Home

    Paul Pereira’s UPS shift took a lifesaving turn Monday evening when the Boston-area Teamsters Local 25 member rescued two people from a burning home.

    With 12 stops left on his regular route, Pereira’s next stop was 18 Hamilton Ave. Two houses away, he saw a porch engulfed in flames. Pereira jumped out of his truck and immediately started banging on the door, screaming, “fire, fire, fire,” and helping a mother and her stepdaughter safely escape. Both had been upstairs and although they smelled smoke they thought it was coming from a nearby barbeque.

    Once he knew everyone was out of the house, Pereira jumped back into action with a neighbor. They battled the blaze with a garden hose and were able to contain the fire in just minutes. “I hooked up the hose to the side of the house and I just started dousing the fire out,” said Pereira.

  • “Miracles Do Happen”: Local 177 Wins Back UPS Driver’s Job, Benefits

    April 13, 2017

    Michael Davis is a lawyer who fights for compensation for the injured, but he didn’t have much hope for one of his clients: Franklin Marusky, a UPS driver and member of Teamsters Local 177 in Hillside, N.J. Unable to call out of work due to severe injuries from an off-the-job accident, Marusky was terminated from UPS.

    To make matters worse, the accident left Marusky a quadriplegic and suffering brain damage. While his family, including his three children, was distressed and Marusky remained in critical condition, they learned that his benefits were being discontinued.

  • UPS Freight Teamster Joins Elite Program to Promote Industry

    April 12, 2017

    Local 707 Member Charlton Paul Selected for ATA “America’s Road Team”

    Charlton Paul has been driving with UPS Freight for 21 years. During that time, he’s maintained an accident-free driving record and has received accolades from the company for his safe driving. Earlier this year, the industry took notice of Paul’s clean record and professional driving skills, too.

    “I was very excited when they told me that I was selected,” said Paul, who has joined the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) “America’s Road Team” program for 2017-2018 to help educate the public about the trucking industry. Paul is a trustee on the Teamsters Local 707 Executive Board in Hempstead, N.Y. and has been a shop steward for the past eight years.

  • A Legendary Life at UPS: 50-Year Driver Danny Kaminski

    April 10, 2017

    Teamsters Celebrate 50-Year UPS Driver with Local 177

    UPS Teamsters who work with Danny Kaminski call him “the Legend.” It’s a nickname he humbly rejects. “I’m just a regular working guy,” says Danny, a UPS feeder driver and member of Teamsters Local 177 in Hillside, N.J. He recently celebrated 50 years at the company.

    Working out of the Meadowlands hub in Secaucus, Danny has seen a lot over the course of a half century at Big Brown. He joined the Teamsters when Jimmy Hoffa Sr. was president of the union, and he vividly remembers walking the picket line during the 1997 strike.

  • UPS Teamsters Focus On Contract Enforcement As Saturday Delivery Creates 6,000 New Jobs

    April 5, 2017 Yesterday UPS officially announced its expanded drop-off schedule with Saturday deliveries, calling the change “one of the largest in the company’s 109-year history.” Weekend deliveries are expected to create 6,000 new UPS jobs by 2018, 4,000 of which will be created this year. Regional chairs and co-chairs of the Teamsters Package Division […]

  • Local 162 Wins Dispatching Grievance for UPS Teamsters

    Local 174 President Ted Bunstine chaired the UPS Northwest Grievance Panel that issued this decision in favor of UPS drivers at our sister Local in Portland, Local 162.

    April 5, 2017

    On Christmas Eve in 2016, Local 162 members and UPS package car drivers working out of the Tualatin, Oregon facility were dispatched to work. But many showed up only to find that they were not needed.

    At least 50 of the UPS drivers were sent home after commuting to the facility on a holiday they could have spent with their families. This was a violation of Article 1 of the Joint Council 37 Rider and Article 19 of the Western Region Supplement. Teamsters Local 162 filed a class action grievance.

    “The union and the company had reached an agreement during our review of the peak season plans on how the work was to be dispatched at all of the UPS centers in our area on Christmas Eve,” said Local 162 President Mark Davison. “The company did not comply with our agreement at the Tualatin facility. UPS dispatched every driver to work even though they weren’t needed and many of the drivers who did work were grossly under dispatched. There were drivers dispatched with as few as 20 stops.”

  • Wheels to Work: UPS Teamsters Pitch In For Coworker in Need

    March 21, 2017

    Teamsters are known for having each other’s backs. That’s especially true of UPS members in Alabama who did something incredible for a struggling coworker.

    At 19-years-old, Derrick Taylor is a prime example of a hardworking young man who puts others before himself. Since age 13 he has held jobs to support his family and his ailing mother.

    The part-time package handler and member of Teamsters Local 612 in Birmingham started working at the UPS facility in Anniston, Ala. about a year ago and his coworkers immediately noticed how dedicated he was to his job and his family.

  • WSJ: UPS Gives Top Brass a Raise Despite Missed Targets

    March 16, 2017

    Chief Executive David Abney’s compensation rose 21%

    Top executives at United Parcel Service Inc. took home higher compensation in 2016 even as the parcel carrier missed many of its performance targets.

    The reason? A second pay raise and special stock awards given to senior leaders, including Chief Executive David Abney, toward the end of last year. Mr. Abney’s total compensation was 21% higher than the previous year.

    The September equity awards were valued at $2.6 million for the top five executives, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Tuesday, and helped offset some performance-based pay that wasn’t fully paid out due to weak results. Compensation based on the prior three years financial results was paid out at 72% of the target.

  • Teamsters Fight Back Against UPS “Golf Cart” Bill in Kentucky

    March 15, 2017

    Earlier this month, the Kentucky House passed a bill that would allow UPS to deliver packages via golf carts in residential areas. House Bill 404, otherwise known as the “Golf Cart” Bill, was introduced in the Transportation Committee in February with a UPS representative on hand to testify on behalf of the measure.

    “We strongly condemn HB 404 as an attack on UPS members’ safety and welfare,” said Fred Zuckerman, President of Teamsters Local 89. “This legislation creates a dangerous loophole that hurts UPS Teamsters and their families.”

    After two hours of vigorous debate and despite a number or of lawmakers sounding the alarm on the safety risks posed by HB 404, the bill was passed by the House on March 1.