Dave Jacobsen on the Life of Brian Davis

Posted: November 10, 2014
Source: Teamsters Local 174

Western Region Tank Haul Director, Local 174 Business Agent Dave Jacobsen’s remarks at Nov. 8, 2014 “Celebration of Live” for Brian Davis

The Union ManWe’re here today to celebrate Brian’s life … his life … the life he lived the way he wanted. He was happy. He was content. He left with no regrets … except not having more time.

Time is a funny thing. When you’re young, you think you have all the time in the world. As you get older, you wonder where all the time has gone. Brian was right in the middle, the point where he was able to look back at all the laughter and mistakes of his youth, and still able to see a long future in front of him.

Brian definitely lived in the moment and enjoyed the small joys of life. Gardening, hanging with friends, golfing, fishing, and the quietness of life with the ones he loved.

That’s not to say that Brian was ever really quiet. His brothers at the local were all targets for his pranks and thundering voice offering sarcasm and unfiltered jabs. We’ll never forget ……  Or the time ……

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