Hoffa: Obama should bend on Keystone Pipeline

Posted: January 15, 2015
Source: James P. Hoffa, The Detroit News

President Barack Obama came to Michigan last week to shine a light on how the federal government’s auto bailout helped secure a brighter economic future for state residents and all Americans. His visit was part of a broader effort by the administration to discuss U.S. growth in the wake of the Great Recession.

Obama’s victory lap tour of a Ford plant in Wayne was well-deserved. The money loaned as part of the bailout saved tens of thousands of jobs in the state, not only of those working on the assembly lines of GM and Chrysler, but those who work for parts manufacturers, those who run restaurants in town, and even local public employees paid through tax revenues. Saving Michigan from such a disaster stopped the nation from entering a depression. And it allowed the state and nation to bounce back quicker.

“We’ve now had a 57 month streak of private sector job creation,” Obama told those in attendance. “We’ve created nearly 11 million new jobs. That’s the longest stretch in our history of the private sector, uninterrupted job creation.”

Those are all very good things that should be applauded. But they shouldn’t be taken for granted. That’s why it is difficult to understand why the White House wants to jeopardize job growth by having Congress quickly push through bad trade agreements and vetoing the Keystone XL pipeline project.
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