Hoffa: Vote Down Fast Track

Posted: May 15, 2015
Source: Teamster.org

The following is the official statement of Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa on today’s Senate vote for cloture on the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) bill.

IBT President, Jim Hoffa“By voting to move forward on the fast track legislation today, the Senate has started us down a road that may lead to the passage of a trade deal that could result in American jobs being sent overseas.

“By moving toward passing fast track in the Senate, these elected officials are turning their backs on their constituents. It’s been widely reported that more than 60 percent of Americans do not want Congress to shirk its duty and allow the Trans-Pacific Partnership to move forward without extensive review and debate.

“A simple up-or-down vote on a trade deal of this magnitude is not in the best interest of middle class Americans. They have seen firsthand the real impact of unfair, unbalanced trade agreements over the past 20 years. I call on every member of Congress to vote down fast track and do their part to protect our country from another bad trade agreement.”

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