Important Notice About Your CDL

Originally Posted: January 3, 2012
Source: State of Washington Department of Licensing

Beginning January 30, 2012, all CDL holders will be required to self certify the type of commerce they currently or intend to engage in as a commercial driver. This process, which requires the submission of a CDL Self Certification form to the Department of Licensing, must be completed by January 30, 2014. The purpose of this form is to determine if you are required to keep a current medical examiner’s certificate on file with the Department of Licensing.

Self certifications for current CDL holders must take place between January 30, 2012 and January 30,2014. The Department of Licensing can’t accept self certification forms or medical certificates before January 30, 2012.

If your driver license expires before January 30, 2014, you can complete this certification when you come to a driver licensing office to renew, replace, or update your commercial driver license. Please review all information to learn more about your options and be prepared to submit your current medical examiner’s certificate if required. CDL holders with licenses that expire after January 30, 2014 will receive a letter instructing them when to visit a driver licensing office and complete the self certification process. New CDL drivers will self certify as part of the CDL application process.

What do you have to do?

  • Visit a driver licensing office. (On or after January 30, 2012)
  • Self certify for the type of commerce in which you currently or intend to operate (see information to right). If you select non-excepted interstate, you must submit a current medical examiner’s certificate and any waivers if applicable.

What happens if I don’t submit the self certification form before January 30, 2014?

Your CDL will not be valid for operating a commercial motor vehicle. Your license must be returned to:

Department of Licensing
PO Box 9020
Olympia, WA 98507-9020

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