Local 174 Staff Visit UPS Locations to Connect with Members

November 20, 2017

Over the past two weeks, Local 174 staff members have been visiting UPS buildings to connect with Local 174 members working at that company. The group of Local 174 reps has included Local 174 President Ted Bunstine, UPS Senior Business Agents Matt Webby and Jeff Sullivan, UPS Business Agents Nate Madoulet and Ron Dong, and Director of Communications and Research Jamie Fleming. The group visited members at the Redmond, Tukwila, Pacific, Seattle, and Shoreline UPS buildings.

The goal of these visits was twofold: first, to hand out informational newsletters updating the members on the status of the negotiations for the Joint Council 28 Rider to the National Master UPS Agreement; and second, to have the members sign up for text and email updates from Local 174. The text and email updates will not only keep members up-to-date on their contract negotiations, but will also allow Local 174 leadership to quickly reach our members at UPS whenever they need to be notified about a job action as negotiations progress.

Despite the cold wind of the early Seattle mornings, UPS Teamsters at each location seemed upbeat and pleased to be hearing about what was going on between their Union and their Employer. They were eager to sign up for additional information from Local 174, and also eager to learn not just about what was happening at the bargaining table, but about the history and contents of the Joint Council 28 Rider to the National Master Agreement. Teamster Shop Stewards at each location were enormously helpful in collecting members’ information and distributing the newsletters.

It was great to see everyone! We’ll be in touch!

If you are a Local 174 member working at UPS (whether full time or part time) and did not get a chance to sign up for our text and email blasts, please contact Local 174 Communications Director Jamie Fleming and I will add you to the lists.
Email jfleming@teamsters174.org or call (206) 441-6060 ext. 1308.