Made In America Week: Take a Made-in-America Vacation

See the USA in your Chevrolet ...

AFL-CIO | It’s Made in America week, and we’ll be spotlighting a different product area every day so that working families can show their solidarity for their sisters and brothers. Today, we take a look at vacations.

Union Plus has a lot of tips on how to make sure your vacation supports working families. Check out the Union Plus Travel Center: the travel and entertainment section offers exclusive discounts for union members. The website also features hotels, airlines and rail service available in the region you’ll be visiting. If you’re taking a road trip to see the United States, make sure it’s in a union-made car from the list made by the UAW.

When you are looking for a hotel room to rest in during your vacation, UNITE HERE‘s FairHotel program is your key to finding lodging where working people have the opportunity to make better lives for themselves through their jobs. Their searchable website makes it easier than ever to find a good place to rest your head knowing you did the right thing.

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