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Paul Nerdrum of Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Writes Letter RE Burke-Gilman Trail “Missing Link”

The saga of the “Missing Link” continues today as Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel Vice President Paul Nerdrum has sent a letter to Mayor Ed Murray, Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation Scott Kubly, and Director of the Office of Economic Development Brian Surratt. For background of the story, click here.

Nerdrum’s letter expresses disappointment and a loss of faith in the City’s Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link Design Advisory Committee (DAC), accusing the City of using the DAC “to rubber stamp the same flawed trail location and design first suggested over 17 years ago.” He goes on to say that Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel is ready to participate in a process to determine the best route for the Missing Link, but only if the process is open and honest and examines “all design and locational alternatives to solving the Missing Link, including the Leary and Market route recommended by world-leading trail designers from Copenhagen.”

Read the full text of the letter here: P. Nerdrum Ltr to Mayor, SDOT & City Council re Design Advisory Committee (3.23.2017)

Selland Auto Transport: Update from Teamsters Negotiating Committee

A quick update from your Teamsters Negotiating Committee about the mechanics being back at work, a new voluntary time off policy and health care:

Drivers at XPO in Elgin, Illinois Seek Teamster Representation

March 22, 2017

Workers Want Decent, Affordable Health Care and Retirement Security

(WASHINGTON) – Drivers at XPO Logistics in Elgin, Ill. filed for Teamster representation today, the latest action by workers across the U.S. who are banding together to fight for fair treatment at one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in the world.

The drivers at the former Con-way Freight are planning to join the freight drivers in Aurora, Ill. who formed their union as Teamsters last year. In addition, the dockworkers at XPO in Aurora filed for their Teamster election yesterday and 33 drivers at XPO in Trenton, N.J. filed for their Teamsters election on March 15. The Elgin drivers would also join workers in Miami; Laredo, Texas; Vernon, Calif.; North Haven, Conn.; and King of Prussia, Pa. who have already unionized as Teamsters. So far, nearly 500 XPO workers have voted to become Teamsters. (more…)

Teamsters Local 251 Contract Approved by Fall River City Council

March 22, 2017

Agreement Includes Job Protections, Additional Funding and Training

(FALL RIVER, Mass.) –– Teamsters Local 251 is pleased to announce that the Fall River City Council has approved, by an 8-1 vote, a collective bargaining agreement for the city’s Department of Community Maintenance (DCM) workers.

The agreement was approved after an outcry by Teamsters Local 251, workers and the public over a stalled process.

The collective bargaining agreement between the city’s Department of Community Maintenance (DCM) and Teamsters Local 251 includes a $245,000 settlement agreement for workers that had been reached between the city and Local 251, which effectively ends the high-profile lawsuit that was filed by the union following the privatization of the city’s trash pickup. (more…)

Wheels to Work: UPS Teamsters Pitch In For Coworker in Need

March 21, 2017

Teamsters are known for having each other’s backs. That’s especially true of UPS members in Alabama who did something incredible for a struggling coworker.

At 19-years-old, Derrick Taylor is a prime example of a hardworking young man who puts others before himself. Since age 13 he has held jobs to support his family and his ailing mother.

The part-time package handler and member of Teamsters Local 612 in Birmingham started working at the UPS facility in Anniston, Ala. about a year ago and his coworkers immediately noticed how dedicated he was to his job and his family. (more…)

Teamsters Ratify Agreement at US Foods

March 20, 2017

Contract Raises the Bar for Food Service Agreements in the Nation

(BLAINE, Minn.) – Teamsters Local 120 members at US Foods in Plymouth, Minn., ratified a new four-year collective bargaining agreement on Sunday that raises the bar for food service agreements across the nation. The new agreement includes significant annual raises, maintenance of benefits and up to $10 per week each year into a health reimbursement account for more than 300 drivers and inside facility workers.

The battle with US Foods began when the company attempted to merge with Sysco over two years ago. That merger was opposed by the Teamsters and subsequently blocked by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Teamsters Warehouse Division. Since the FTC ruling, US Foods unsuccessfully attempted to ram concessions into many Teamster contracts. (more…)

DHL Clerical Workers Vote to Join Teamsters

March 16, 2017
DHL Clerical Workers Vote to Join Teamsters

Newest DHL Unit Opts for Membership with Local 769

(MIAMI, Fl.) – Eight workers at DHL Express voted to join Teamsters Local 769 on Thursday, March 9. The vote was 7-1.

The eight workers deal with DHL’s logistical avionics, and they process airway bills and paperwork necessary for the travel of documents and packages across international borders.

The campaign was short, with six weeks elapsing for a petition and election.

“We’re looking forward to getting these folks added into the national agreement and in addition to negotiating a local supplement,” said Mike Scott, President and Principal Officer of Local 769. “We’re excited to welcome them to our Teamster family and demonstrate the value of a union contract.”

Founded in 1964, Local 769 has a long and proud heritage of representing South Florida Teamsters in numerous industries.

WSJ: UPS Gives Top Brass a Raise Despite Missed Targets

March 16, 2017

Chief Executive David Abney’s compensation rose 21%

Top executives at United Parcel Service Inc. took home higher compensation in 2016 even as the parcel carrier missed many of its performance targets.

The reason? A second pay raise and special stock awards given to senior leaders, including Chief Executive David Abney, toward the end of last year. Mr. Abney’s total compensation was 21% higher than the previous year.

The September equity awards were valued at $2.6 million for the top five executives, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Tuesday, and helped offset some performance-based pay that wasn’t fully paid out due to weak results. Compensation based on the prior three years financial results was paid out at 72% of the target. (more…)

Teamsters Fight Back Against UPS “Golf Cart” Bill in Kentucky

March 15, 2017

Earlier this month, the Kentucky House passed a bill that would allow UPS to deliver packages via golf carts in residential areas. House Bill 404, otherwise known as the “Golf Cart” Bill, was introduced in the Transportation Committee in February with a UPS representative on hand to testify on behalf of the measure.

“We strongly condemn HB 404 as an attack on UPS members’ safety and welfare,” said Fred Zuckerman, President of Teamsters Local 89. “This legislation creates a dangerous loophole that hurts UPS Teamsters and their families.”

After two hours of vigorous debate and despite a number or of lawmakers sounding the alarm on the safety risks posed by HB 404, the bill was passed by the House on March 1. (more…)

Local 710 Successfully Settles “One Punch Rule” Pension Grievance at ABF

March 15, 2017

Teamsters to Receive Pension Contributions Retroactive to 2013

(MOKENA, ILL.) – Teamsters Local 710 Trustee John T. Coli has signed an agreement making Local 710 freight members at ABF whole in their pensions. The Teamsters secured an important grievance win settled in favor of the union on February 23.

ABF had continually refused to meet its pension contribution obligations as stated in the Local 710 supplement agreement for dock and yard workers. Per that contract, ABF is mandated to make contributions based on a “one punch rule,” which states that any member who punches in once in a given week is eligible to receive their pension contributions for that week.

ABF instead made payments on a day-to-day basis, which is a substantial violation of what was successfully bargained for and agreed to in the contract. This illegal misconduct was practiced for nearly four years. (more…)

US Foods Teamsters Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify 4-Year Contract

March 13, 2017


Teamsters who work at US Foods voted overwhelmingly yesterday afternoon to ratify a new 4-year contract.

The agreement covers 128 drivers and warehouse workers who operate out of the US Foods facility in Fife as well as members of three other Local Unions. (more…)

The “Missing Link” Bicycle Track in Ballard: Coalition Including Teamsters 174 Favors Alternate Solution

On March 9, 2017, a press release went out from the Veris Law Group PLLC regarding the completion of the Burke-Gilman Trail, a multi-use recreational trail that runs from Ballard to Bothell along the Lake Washington Ship Canal and Lake Washington, and then turns into the Sammamish River Trail and runs through Marymoor Park and on to Issaquah. In Ballard, there is a 1.5 mile stretch where the protected trail ceases to exist, called the “Missing Link.” Efforts to complete the “Missing Link” have been ongoing for over 20 years.

The Burke-Gilman Trail, with the “Missing Link” shown in light green

The main reason for the delay is disagreement on exactly how to go about completing the trail. One group believes the trail should be built on Shilshole Avenue, a busy industrial corridor where the trail would have to cross 55 industrial driveways and compete for space with large trucks and heavy industrial traffic. Another group believes it should follow a path two blocks farther north along Leary Way and Market Street, which would be slightly longer and steeper for cyclists but would not disrupt Ballard’s busy maritime industry.


WSJ: Who’s to Blame for the Trucker Shortage?

March 8, 2017

Industry Relies on Inexperienced Drivers and Contractors Who Get Saddled with Debt, High Expenses

By Lauren Weber

Help wanted: America needs truck drivers. In 2015, American Trucking Associations estimated that for-hire trucking companies had nearly 50,000 fewer drivers than they needed. The shortage was less severe in 2016, but the trade group expects it to worsen in coming years.

As policy makers wring their hands over the shortage, an Ivy League sociologist who spent time as a long-haul driver says the deficit is largely the industry’s own doing.

ATA largely blames the grueling demands of a job that puts workers on the road for long periods. But Steve Viscelli, a sociologist and fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Robert A. Fox Leadership Program, says the shortage is the product of an industry labor model that relies heavily on inexperienced drivers and independent contractors. (more…)

AmeriGas Teamsters Vote Unanimously to Authorize Strike Action

March 3, 2017

On March 1, 2017, AmeriGas Teamsters voted unanimously to authorize our Union to take a strike action if necessary. The workers, who deliver fuel and fuel products, have been in the process of negotiating a first contract since December 2016 after voting in September 2016 to join Teamsters Local 174. However, the Company’s offer falls short of our members’ expectations. The responsibilities that it takes to maintain a CDL with hazmat endorsement, and the skills needed to deliver these dangerous and flammable products to both commercial and residential locations, in all weather conditions, demand a certain level of compensation.

“All we want is fair treatment. We want our employer to follow the law and negotiate with us to get a contract that is acceptable to all of us,” said one AmeriGas employee.

In 2016, AmeriGas reported $2.3 billion in revenues and $422 million in operating profit across the United States.

Airgas Workers Join Teamsters

February 27, 2017

Drivers in Waterford, Conn. Join Teamsters Local 493 for Improvements to Working Conditions

(UNCASVILLE, Conn.) – Workers with Airgas in Waterford, Conn., have voted overwhelmingly in favor of representation by Teamsters Local 493, seeking improvements to their working conditions.

The 14 fillers, loaders, warehouse workers, lab techs and drivers sought out Teamster representation and proceeded to an election within 30 days.

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