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IBT News: UPS and UPS Freight Teamsters Taking Active Role As Negotiations Set to Resume February 19

February 8, 2018

As the Teamsters National UPS and UPS Freight Negotiating Committees prepare to resume contract negotiations on February 19, members are continuing to take an active role and asking questions.

More than 20,000 Teamsters joined the UPS and UPS Freight contract negotiations update call on January 28, and scores of members left questions after the call.

Many of the questions addressed health, welfare and pension benefits, part-time pay, full-time jobs, harassment, excessive overtime, managers taking bargaining unit work and other important topics. Members were able to ask questions and then leave a message with a question after the call for the Division to review. Below are the most frequently asked questions.

Q: Will we address health and welfare and pension benefits?

A: Our negotiating committee sees this as a top priority for our members. Our surveys and feedback from members back this up. The IBT will continue to fight for the best benefits possible. We have received many proposals from the membership on these issues. Economic issues such as health and welfare and pension contributions, wage increases and wage progressions are discussed after many of the language proposals dealing with conditions are addressed. It is difficult to tell exactly when that will occur but we will let the membership know when that time comes.

Q: What is the IBT doing about the fact that there are not enough people filling part-time jobs?

A: Addressing understaffing in all classifications is a top priority. We will attempt to address this by bringing the part-time wage scale up. This will help with retention of part timers already working and allow UPS to hire a sufficient number of employees to staff its operations. We consider the current wage scale to be outdated, and UPS will have a hard time saying otherwise.

Q: Will more part-time jobs be converted to full-time in this contract?

A: We are proposing 10,000 additional full-time jobs over the term of the new contract. This is another way to address the chronic understaffing.

Q: How are we addressing harassment on the job?

A: We have a strong proposal under Article 37 Section 1 ( that addresses this ongoing problem. Currently, the union and the company have proposals that are far apart on this issue. However, this is a serious concern for many of our members and we will continue to fight for strong language.

Q: When will the IBT address the 70 hour/8 day work week and excessive forced overtime?

A: We have a proposal under Article 37 Section 1 (c) ( that essentially revamps the “9.5” process. As the negotiations proceed, the hours of service issue will be dealt with as part of an overall discussion on overtime. The committee’s position is very clear: the 70 hour/8 day work week does not work for Package Drivers.

Q:  Are you going to push for one-line seniority at UPS Freight?

A: The Union has proposed “work rules” to either be negotiated on a local or regional basis and this is where that particular issue would be addressed. According to input from the negotiating committee, not all locations want a single/one-line seniority board.

Q: We continue to see road runs being moved by subcontractors at UPS Freight. Are we going to address that?

A: Yes. This has been an ongoing problem at UPS Freight. We have specific proposals to deal with subcontracting – It is the number one issue at UPS Freight.

While the committee cannot answer every question, a FAQ (frequently asked questions) section has been added to the UPSrising app under the UPS Rising news category (see information on how to download the app below.) As negotiations continue, the FAQ will be expanded to include more questions and answers.

“We appreciate all the members who left questions for the committees and we will continue to provide answers to these questions as negotiations move forward,” said Denis Taylor, Director of the Teamsters Package Division and Co-Chairman of the National UPS Negotiating Committee.

The next round of negotiations will take place Feb. 19-22.

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Teamsters, UPS Wrap Up First Week of Contract Negotiations

January 25, 2018

The Teamsters National Negotiating Committee wrapped up the first week of negotiations today after both sides exchanged initial UPS and UPS Freight contract proposals.

“This week was for both sides to present their initial non-economic proposals and for both parties to ask questions about their intent,” said Denis Taylor, Director of the Teamsters Package Division. “While these proposals are likely to be amended as negotiations proceed, it was good to finally present the members’ positions. We will reconvene our talks next week in Virginia.”

While the negotiations have just started, Taylor said the National Negotiating Committee reiterated its resolve to protect members’ interests.

Don’t forget to join the UPS & UPS Freight Contract Negotiations Call this Sunday (Jan. 28) at 6pm eastern. Join Denis Taylor, Director of the Teamsters Package Division, to hear updates on the negotiations which began this week. Click here to register for the call or call in on Sunday at 877-327-9495, pin 111566.

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National Master UPS Agreement: Teamsters Present Initial UPS and UPS Freight Contract Proposals to Company

January 22, 2018

The Teamsters National Negotiating Committee presented the union’s initial UPS and UPS Freight contract proposals to the company today, marking the start of negotiations. These are the initial contract proposals and are subject to change during negotiations.

View the UPS contract proposal here.

View the UPS Freight contract proposal here.

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Negotiations are scheduled to continue through Thursday of this week, and multiple dates have been scheduled for future negotiations. More information will be released later this week.

New Pension Protection Legislation Proposed by Congress

November 17, 2017

In an exciting development for Teamsters across the country, new legislation was proposed yesterday to help protect earned pensions throughout the United States. The legislation, called the “Butch Lewis Act” after the late pension protection fighter Butch Lewis, was introduced at a press conference with the entire Democratic caucus in Congress standing in support.

International Brotherhood of Teamsters General President James P. Hoffa and General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall have been strong proponents of this legislation, which would be instrumental in shoring up multiemployer pension plans that may be in trouble. Multiemployer pension plans are a key element in the retirement security of Teamsters across the country.

Yesterday’s press conference included speeches from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Senators Sherrod Brown, Tammy Baldwin, and Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur. Pelosi pledged her support for “no cuts” in earned pensions.

This legislation still has a ways to go before being enacted into law, but it is certainly a step in the right direction and a sign that Congress is taking Teamster pension security seriously.

Film And Television Teamsters March In NYC Labor Day Parade

September 12, 2017

Teamsters Local 817 Has Strong Presence At Annual March Through Mid-Town

Over 100 film and television workers in New York joined the annual Labor Day parade this year. Assistant location managers, location scouts, location coordinators, and location assistants are the latest entertainment workers to join Local 817, and will get the benefits of a strong Teamsters contract, after years of organizing.

To read the article on Joint Council 16’s website, please click here.

Local 104 Wins More Than $14,000 in Rewards for Subcontracting Grievances at UPS

September 6, 2017

UPS Teamsters in Phoenix scored a major victory against subcontracting at UPS with the settlement of 81 grievances filed against the company for violations during Amazon Prime week. All told, Local 104 secured $14,258.19 for 24 feeder drivers affected by the subcontracting.

During Amazon Prime Week, July 10-14, the company used its subsidiary, Coyote Logistics, to circumvent the feeder department and assign work that should have gone to Local 104 drivers, including 11 who were on layoff. The union filed grievances charging UPS with violations of Article 32 in the National Master Agreement as well as Section 27 of the Southwest Package Rider Agreement. (more…)

Taylor Named Package Division Director

September 6, 2017
Denis Taylor, principal officer of Local 355 in Baltimore, has been appointed Package Division Director and co-chair of the UPS National Negotiating Committee.

Denis is a long time Teamster and also serves as an International Trustee on the General Executive Board and President of Joint Council 62. Having started as a Teamster in the package delivery industry as a driver for UPS, Denis has the experience, commitment and knowledge to lead the upcoming negotiations to continue to build upon and improve our industry leading contract.

Over 1,400 Trades Workers Join Teamsters Local 2010

September 1, 2017

SETC Members Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor of Affiliation

(OAKLAND, Calif.)—Skilled trades workers with the State Employees Trades Council (SETC-United) overwhelmingly voted to affiliate with Teamsters Local 2010 on Thursday, August 31.

Over 1,000 workers voted from across California, with 75 percent voting in favor of the joining the Teamsters.

“This victory was achieved through the hard work and the magnificent foresight of the SETC members,” said Jason Rabinowitz, Teamsters Local 2010 Secretary-Treasurer.  “We are proud to have the skilled trades workers join Teamsters Local 2010. Together, we have the power to bring real improvements to the wages and working conditions to the trades and become a powerhouse in higher education.” (more…)

Worcester School Bus Drivers and Monitors Ratify Teamsters Contract

August 31, 2017

Durham workers in Worcester, MA celebrating their new contract with the Teamsters

Intense Negotiations, Threat of Strike Lead to Strong Agreement with Durham

(WORCESTER, Mass.) — On Aug. 30, Teamsters Local 170 members that work as Special Education Drivers & Monitors at Durham School Services approved an agreement with the company after nine months of negotiations and the threat of a strike, which would have affected 12,000 students in the City of Worcester. The agreement, which covers approximately 130 workers, was ratified by more than a 90 percent margin.

“I’d like to thank Local 170 business agents Ken Bergen and Eli Gillen for all of their assistance, and give credit to the members who stood together for a fair contract and were ready and united to do whatever was necessary to win a favorable outcome,” said Secretary-Treasurer Shannon George. “When members stand united and support their local union’s officers and agents, they can achieve the contracts that they deserve.” (more…)

Teamsters Package Division Reviewing Thousands of UPS Contract Proposals

August 31, 2017

With thousands of proposal sheets coming in, today the Teamsters Package Division began the process of organizing and reviewing each proposal submitted by members from the union’s nearly 200 UPS locals.

Throughout the morning and afternoon, each submitted proposal was read aloud by Package Division Director Sean O’Brien to the Division’s regional chairs and co-chairs. The proposals were discussed and, where necessary, staff was assigned to contact individual locals to clarify any proposal that was unclear. (more…)

O.M.A Construction Teamsters Ratify First Contract After Long Struggle

August 31, 2017

Almost a year to the day after the National Labor Relations Board certified Teamsters Local 174 as the representative of a group of O.M.A drivers and mechanics, the group voted by a margin of 95% last night to ratify their first contract, finally making them full-fledged members of Teamsters Local 174.

O.M.A employees celebrate their contract ratification

The journey to a contract – which started when the group was organized by Local 174 Organizer Meaza Ogbe over a year ago – has been difficult and full of obstacles, including a one-day Unfair Labor Practice strike on October 20, 2016, and a second unanimous strike authorization vote on July 16, 2017. However, today the group can relax and rejoice in the knowledge that their work is finally protected by a contract – and not just any contract, but a strong one that gives them a good foothold for increasing their position in the construction industry in the future.

“The guys are excited. Everyone is smiling,” said O.M.A employee and Bargaining Committee member Ken Knipp. “We are thankful to Meaza for seeing this process through to such a positive outcome. The guys really feel like they have a future now.”

“This two-year agreement is a great starting point, and we are glad to see this process reach a resolution that benefits everyone,” said Teamsters Local 174 Director of Negotiations Patty Warren. “Negotiating a first contract for a newly-organized group can be a challenge, but now that it is done, we look forward to building a strong future for these workers.”

The agreement gives the workers strong wage increases, as well as excellent hourly pension contributions and Teamster health and welfare benefits. It also contains language which will protect them and give them access to a full grievance procedure – which they did not have prior to being Union members.

Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks presents the contract to the assembled group of O.M.A drivers and mechanics

“This new contract sets a high standard within the traditionally non-union DBE and WMBE section of the construction industry, and we are proud of that,” said Teamsters Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks. “Local 174 is once again leading the way into a new realm of possibility – the possibility of raising the standards in this part of the construction industry that has consistently paid its workers less than the competition. We encourage all of our signatory employers to use O.M.A for their WMBE requirement.”

The employees at O.M.A are happy to finally have a Teamster contract protecting them. “This has been a battle,” said Ken Knipp. “It’s been a hard fight, but we are looking forward to putting the past behind us. And of course, we are excited to finally be full members of Teamsters Local 174. We also want to thank the owner of O.M.A, Barry O’Young, for finally recognizing the value of the work we perform.”

Founded in 1909, Teamsters Local 174 represents 7,200 working men and women in the Seattle area. “Like” us on Facebook at

Middleborough School Bus Drivers and Monitors Ratify Teamster Contract

August 29, 2017

School Bus Workers for Kids with Special Needs Gain Improved Working Conditions

(MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass.) – Teamster school bus drivers and monitors with Middleborough Public Schools have overwhelmingly ratified a three-year agreement.

The drivers and monitors, members of Teamsters Local 653 in South Easton, voted 22-1 in favor of the agreement. There are 26 workers in the bargaining unit who transport students with special needs. (more…)

Sand & Gravel Teamsters Vote Overwhelmingly in Favor of Strike Action

July 22, 2017

It has been a busy week for votes here at the Teamsters Local 174 Union Hall, and last night the streak continued as Teamsters employed in the Sand & Gravel industry voted overwhelmingly in favor of a strike action.

This nearly-unanimous vote comes after a long week of contract negotiations that have led nowhere. The group had the Friday night meeting marked on their calendars for nearly a week – but everyone was originally hoping that the vote would be on a complete contract proposal from their Employers. Since no agreement was reached, the gathered employees instead voted to authorize a strike.

Sand & Gravel Teamster casts a ballot

“We really wanted to put a recommended proposal in front of our members at this meeting, but the Employers didn’t seem interested in cooperating with us on that goal,” said Local 174 Director of Negotiations Patty Warren. “Every proposal was met with ‘reject, reject, reject.’ They acted like the sky was falling with every proposal we made, which is outrageous behavior for an industry in the middle of a record-setting boom. I’ve never seen such blatant disrespect from an Employer in all my years of negotiating contracts.” (more…)

100% Unanimous Strike Authorization at O.M.A Construction

July 19, 2017

This past Sunday, Teamsters Local 174 members employed at O.M.A Construction voted unanimously in favor of a strike action – for the second time in their brief history as Teamsters. The first strike vote came in October of 2016, and led to a one-day strike on October 20, 2016.

O.M.A Construction group on strike October 20, 2016

On August 24, 2016, The National Labor Relations Board certified Local 174 as the representative of the group of drivers and mechanics after a long and drawn-out election certification process. The battle that began before they even became Teamsters has only gotten worse since then, as the group fights an Employer who has refused to give them a fair and equitable contract.

The fight reached its first peak in October of 2016 when the group held an Unfair Labor Practice strike at O.M.A. They braved near-monsoon conditions while holding picket lines in Seattle and Sumner. O.M.A vehicles in the Company’s lot sat empty for the day, costing their Employer more money with each minute they were not out earning revenue.

The strike, while brief, was enough to get O.M.A Construction owner Barry O’Young’s attention and bring him back to the bargaining table – but not for long. While he came back to the table to resolve the unfair labor practices, he was not willing to continue contract negotiations.

O’Young apparently has a short memory, as he quickly forgot about the money he lost while his employees were on strike. Progress in negotiations has been at a standstill, with the Company still refusing to pay the construction standard on private jobs in wages or pension, and in many other areas of the contract such as daily overtime. (more…)

Teamsters Announce Memorial Fund for Victims of San Francisco UPS Shooting

June 19, 2017

International Union to Donate $50,000 to Families of the Victims

(WASHINGTON) – Today, International Brotherhood of Teamsters Joint Council 7 in Northern California announced the establishment of the “All Charities Teamsters Memorial for W. Chan/M. Lefiti/B. Louie” fund to help raise money for the families of the victims of the June 14 tragedy at the San Francisco UPS facility that resulted in the deaths of three members at the hand of their fellow driver.

“The Teamsters Union will donate $50,000 to this fund in order to help the families during this difficult time,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. “Our union mourns the loss our brothers to this senseless act of violence and stand ready to assist those they have left behind in any way we can.” (more…)

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