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Local 174 represents Newspaper Conference employees at:

Seattle Times, Transervice
  • IBT Newspaper, Magazine, Electronic Media Conference:
    The Newspaper, Magazine and Electronic Media Workers Conference brings together workers engaged in all phases of the printing process, from design to printing to delivery. We represent Teamster locals in the U.S. and Canada with membership employed in the newspaper, printing and electronic media industries.

    Here at Local 174, we represent drivers at the Seattle Times and at Transervice.

    IBT Division Director: Joseph Molinero

  • Business Agent:

    Pete Lamb
    Business Agent
    Contact Phone: 206-441-6060 ext. 1333

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Newspaper, Magazine, and Electronic Media Division Teamsters in the News:

Magazines, Fliers, Brochures Printed By GCC-Teamsters

August 4, 2016

The best source for finding quality, union-printed materials in your area is the Graphic Communications Conference (GCC). Our brothers and sisters of the GCC handle graphic layout, printing, binding and all the other tasks that go into many magazines, greeting cards and other printed materials. If your local union or joint council has a need for quality printed items, check first with this link to find the nearest GCC-Unionized printing facility in your area.

With more than 65,000 members, the GCC represents employees of large and small printing facilities from coast to coast.

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