Paul Nerdrum of Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Writes Letter RE Burke-Gilman Trail “Missing Link”

The saga of the “Missing Link” continues today as Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel Vice President Paul Nerdrum has sent a letter to Mayor Ed Murray, Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation Scott Kubly, and Director of the Office of Economic Development Brian Surratt. For background of the story, click here.

Nerdrum’s letter expresses disappointment and a loss of faith in the City’s Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link Design Advisory Committee (DAC), accusing the City of using the DAC “to rubber stamp the same flawed trail location and design first suggested over 17 years ago.” He goes on to say that Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel is ready to participate in a process to determine the best route for the Missing Link, but only if the process is open and honest and examines “all design and locational alternatives to solving the Missing Link, including the Leary and Market route recommended by world-leading trail designers from Copenhagen.”

Read the full text of the letter here: P. Nerdrum Ltr to Mayor, SDOT & City Council re Design Advisory Committee (3.23.2017)