Photos from the General Membership Meeting — September 10, 2017

September 12, 2017

It was great to see everyone back at the Union Hall for our first General Membership Meeting after the summer recess! It has been a VERY busy summer, complete with major organizing victories, contract victories, and a strike that ended in a total win for our members in the Sand and Gravel industry. Thanks for supporting your Local Union! Attending membership meetings and getting some face-to-face time with your Local Union leadership and staff is one of the most important ways to get engaged in everything that we are doing.

Here’s the rundown of the meeting:

There was a large group of new Initiates at the meeting who all took the Oath of Obligation. Welcome to the Teamsters!

There was a wide range of Teamsters from other companies and industries watching their new Brothers and Sisters being sworn in. And of course, since it was Seahawks Sunday, there were plenty of jerseys in the crowd!

The Secretary-Treasurer’s report was jam-packed with victories! The audience received reports from several members of the Local 174 staff, and recognized several of our members for their hard work and accomplishments throughout the summer. These included:

Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks gives his report on the countless victories of the summer; Recording Secretary Carl Gasca regales the audience with a reading of the minutes from the May General Membership Meeting and the Executive Board meetings from June, July, August, and September. Then, Senior Business Agent Tim Allen introduces DHL Shop Steward Jana Heideman, who won the national Courier Rodeo this year at DHL. Congratulations, Jana!


CalPortland member Ron Richards is introduced after winning the mixer truck rodeo three years in a row; Director of Negotiations Patty Warren and Senior Business Agent Carl Gasca update the assembled members on the incredible contract victories at Safeway and OMA Construction; Director of Organizing Meaza Ogbe updates everyone on the organizing victory at, which added nearly 70 home delivery drivers to our Local Union.


President Ted Bunstine introduces the Bylaws Committee, who met through the summer to update the Local 174 Bylaws. Thanks for your time and commitment! It may not be glamorous, but it is necessary and we are glad that our members were willing to step up and help with this important job.

And of course, the meeting would not be complete without recognizing the Sand and Gravel Bargaining Committee, whose tenacity and commitment were key to winning a great contract after a seven-day strike at CalPortland. Great job and rock solid victory!


See you all in October!