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Local 174 represents Port workers at:

Matson Logistics
  • IBT Port Division:
    The IBT’s Port Division Teamsters are some of the best-paid port employees. Our jobs include truck driving, warehousing, stevedoring, operating and repairing ferries and tugs, and building ships. This division is also committed to organizing the unorganized.

    Here at Local 174, we represent Matson Logistics employees at the Port of Tacoma. Our members work as drayage drivers, packer operators, and warehousemen.

    IBT Division Director: Fred Potter

  • Business Agent:

    Pete Lamb
    Business Agent
    Contact Phone: 206-441-6060 ext. 1344
    Email:  plamb@teamsters174.org

  • Useful Links:

    Grievance form link

    **Please note that Grievances MUST be submitted in person or by fax. They will not be accepted via email.**


Port Division Teamsters in the News:

Teamsters, Community Supporters Protest Unlawful Firings at XPO Logistics

May 24, 2017

Group Demands That Company Reinstate Three Drivers

(HAMILTON TOWNSHIP, N.J.) – A group of more than 50 Teamsters and supporters, including state lawmakers and the head of the state AFL-CIO, protested outside the XPO Logistics, Inc. terminal here today and demanded that the company reinstate three fired workers they say were punished for supporting a recent union drive.

“XPO has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to run vicious anti-worker, anti-union campaigns across the country, but the company has reached new lows by unlawfully firing three workers here in the Trenton area,” said Ernie Soehl, Director of the Teamsters National Freight Division. “Our message is clear: we will not tolerate the company firing workers who are exercising their federally protected right to organize.” (more…)

Teamsters Rally at XPO Headquarters Against CEO Pay Bonanza

December 20, 2016

CEO Bradley Jacobs, Board Didn’t Show Up To Answer Questions

(GREENWICH, Conn.) – Today, Teamsters Union members rallied outside XPO’s headquarters to denounce a compensation plan that could provide a windfall stock award for CEO Bradley Jacobs worth $110 million at current stock price levels. Jacobs and the Board didn’t show up to field workers’ and shareholders’ questions and concerns over the incentive pay plan.

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