Stop Lawbreakers from Doing Business at Ports!

Stop lawmakers doing business at the ports

IBT | The verdict is in: port trucking and warehouse companies are breaking practically every labor law on the books. At America’s largest port complex in So. California, they’ve even been caught for insurance fraud and not making payroll tax deposits. But the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach – the point of entry for 40% of U.S. imports, from sneakers to iPads to new kitchen appliances bound for giant retailers in every U.S. zip code like Target, Walmart, and Home Depot – are still allowing these lawbreakers to come into the ports to conduct business. From Wall Street to the docks, the economy has been rigged to benefit giant corporations and the wealthiest one-percent while regular workers like port truck drivers and warehouse workers get left behind.

Together, we can do something about this scam and begin to close the wealth gap between the billionaires who run America and the workers who make America run.

Sign this petition today to demand the Ports of LA and Long Beach STOP big business and Wall Street interests from exploiting regular American workers like the truck drivers and warehouse workers.

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