Super Bowl XLVIII — UNION Style!

Posted: January 13, 2014
Source: Pierce County Central Labor Council
Download this flyerStocking up for the big game? Your shopping decisions matter. Here are some Union-made snacks and beverages to keep in mind when making your Super Bowl shopping list.

Eats and Treats for Your Home Team:

Brauts & Dogs
– Hebrew National
– Hillshire Farms
– Johnsonville

Hot Wings
– Draper Valley

Side Dishes
– Hormel Chili
– VanKamps Baked Beans
– Rosarita Refried Beans with Tillamook Cheese
– Pace Picante Sauce

Bread & Rolls
– Gai’s Bakery
– Franz

Snacks & Crackers
– Cheese Nips
– Chex Mixes
– Ritz Crackers
– Snyders of Berlin
Planters Peanuts

– Chips Ahoy!
– Oreos

– Vlasic (all varieties)

Soft Drinks
– Coca Cola
– PepsiCo

– Budweiser
– Miller LIte

– Barcardi Rum
– Jim Beam

And for that traditional backyard game of catch at halftime, play with a football made by Union workers at Wilson, the maker of the official game balls. For those of you who wait each year to watch those famous “Super Bowl” commercials, remember the beautiful Clydesdales and their drivers are Union (traditional Teamsters!), too! The health and safety of the players who put their bodies on the line for your entertainment are members of the National Football Player’s Association. Their Union has given them improved healthcare coverage and protections for injured players.  The retired players who built the industry also have pensions and healthcare coverage protected by their Union.

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