The 174 Teamster Truck

174 Truck Arrives in Vegas


Below: the bright lights of night-time Las Vegas are reflected in the gorgeous Teamster 174 Truck.

Teamster Truck

Check Out Some of the Details on the Teamster Truck

  • Space Needle in the T

  • Monorail in the E

  • Century LInk Field and the waterfront in the A

  • Pike Place Market in the M

  • WA State Ferry in the S

  • Orca in the T

  • Coffee in the E

  • Mt. Rainier and the Seattle skyline in the R

  • Seattle waterfront in the S

The Teamster Truck … Lit Up and Ready to Roll!

It simply is a thing of beauty …

First look at the New 2016 Teamster Truck Design

It’s finally here! The Teamster Truck has been delivered with its awesome new graphic design. There are a few more things that remained to be added (chrome, lights, etc.) and we will keep you posted and put up the photos as that happens. Enjoy these first photos — and check out the blue-flame Teamster horses, Thunder and Lightening, on each side of the cab!

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