UPS and UPS Freight Negotiations Update

Posted: April 18, 2013
From Ken Hall, Union Co-Chair:

Health care remains the major issue in UPS negotiations. The Company has indicated a willingness to move employees who are currently in Company plans into Central States to provide coverage. The Committee discussed the possibility of offering proposals for other Teamster plans to provide coverage.

Separately, the Company did lower its proposal for employee premiums to $20 a week for individual coverage, $40 for employee plus one and $60 for family coverage.

However, the Union remains adamant that UPS employees will not pay premiums for health care.

The Company and Union exchanged economic proposals. Many issues remain but both sides are committed to reaching an agreement by the end of next week. The Company did withdraw its proposal to pay employees bonuses in lieu of general wage increases.

At UPS Freight negotiations, the Union made a counter-proposal on economics. Much of the week was spent discussing subcontracting and we moved closer to reaching an agreement.

Negotiations for both UPS and UPS Freight resume Monday.