General Teamsters Retiree Club Scholarship

 Updated: March 21, 2017


The General Teamster Retiree Club Scholarship will impose no restrictions of any kind on the course of study. Recipient may accept any other grant or award which do not in themselves rule out scholarship aid from   other sources. Scholarships will be awarded to the selected winners for study at any accredited College, University, or Vocational School.

Sons, daughters, step-children and grand children of members of Teamster Locals #38, #66, #117, #174, #227, or #763. The member may be either the parent who is in good standing and a dues paying member for at least one (1) year immediately preceding the date of application, or a grandparent who was a member in good standing for at least one (1) year immediately preceding the date of withdrawal or retirement.

The applicant must be planning to attend the fall semester at a college, university, or vocational school anywhere in the United States and who is able to meet the academic requirements for entrance in the college, university, or vocational school of their choice.

GTRC 2017 Scholarship Application with Instructions
Applications will be accepted until July 7, 2017.

All applications and required forms will be forwarded to the scholarship selection committee.

Apart from verifying the eligibility of the applicant, Teamster Locals #38, #66, #117, #174, #227 and #763 will not exercise any choice among the various applicants or indicate in any way that one applicant should be favored over another. Based on factors normally used in awarding academic scholarships, the Scholarship Selection Committee will review each applicant and their qualifications and select a winner. This selection will be made without regard to the applicant’s race, color, sex, religion, ethnic origin, or physical handicaps.

The scholarship winners will be announced as soon as possible and a check will be deposited, in the name of the winner at the College, University, or Vocational School he/she plans to attend.

All of the following items must be received by July 7, 2017:

  • A brief resume of your academic achievements and career goals
  • A list of extra-curricular activities
  • Work experience: indicate if you work during the school year, what kind of work and how many hours per week
  • Official transcript of your High School, College, University, or Vocational School work to date
  • Two written references. One from a community leader and one from a faculty member, who should be in your major field
  • Write a brief statement on what a Union means to you

It is the responsibility of the applicant to see the above items are received on time and that they are sent to:

General Teamster Retiree Club
Scholarship Selection Committee
14675 Interurban Ave S
Tukwila WA 98168