Here’s Your Union-Made Labor Day Shopping List

Posted: August 16, 2014
Source: AFL-CIO
Labor Day is the unofficial end of the summer holiday season. While the day honors the hardworking men and women who make this nation go and grow, the weekend also gives us a chance for one more big backyard barbecue blowout. Here’s some union-made food and drink to get your barbecue off to a great start.

Text MADE to 235246 for more union-made-in-America product lists. 

Our list comes courtesy of Union Plus, the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers (BCTGM), the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) and the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor’s website Labor 411.

  • Hot Dogs, Sausages, Other Grill Meats

    • Ball Park
    • Boar’s Head
    • Calumet
    • Dearborn Sausage Co.
    • Fischer Meats
    • Hebrew National
    • Hofmann
    • Johnsonville
    • Oscar Mayer


    • French’s Mustard
    • Gulden’s Mustard
    • Heinz Ketchup
    • Hidden Valley Ranch
    • Lucky Whip
    • Vlasic

    Buns and Bread

    • Ottenberg’s
    • Sara Lee
    • Vie de France Bakery

    Bottled Water

    • American Springs
    • Pocono Springs
    • Poland Spring
  • Beer

    • Budweiser
    • Bud Light
    • Leinenkugel’s
    • Mad River
    • Michelob
    • Miller
    • Rolling Rock

    Ice Cream and Frozen Treats

    • Del Monte Fruit Chillers
    • Breyers
    • Carvel
    • Good Humor
    • Hiland Dairy
    • Labelle Ice Cream
    • Laura Secord
    • MacArthur
    • Orchard Harvest
    • Prairie Farms
    • President’s Choice


    • Flips Pretzels
    • Frito-Lay Chips
    • Oreos
    • Triscuits
    • Wheat Thins
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