UPS Teamsters Receive Surprise Visit from IBT Package Division Director Sean O’Brien

June 28, 2017

IBT Package Division Director Sean O’Brien speaks to a crowd of UPS Teamsters at the Pacific building.

UPS Teamsters working at the Pacific building received a surprise visit this morning from IBT Package Division Director Sean O’Brien, along with the entire Local 174 UPS Business Agent staff and several others. The purpose of the visit was to speak candidly with the members, both to listen to their concerns for the upcoming UPS contract negotiations, and for O’Brien to share his own communications philosophy with them.

“This time around, there is going to be a level of transparency that you haven’t seen before,” O’Brien said. “There will not be information brownouts during this negotiations process. You guys are going to be hearing from us a LOT.”

O’Brien also stressed the importance of UPS Teamsters getting involved. “We need your input,” he said. “We can’t do this without hearing what you guys think.”

The Local 174 members present applauded O’Brien’s approach, expressing hope that their needs would be taken seriously and addressed in the upcoming negotiations. “It sounds like it’ll be an uphill battle, but this really boosted our confidence that Sean and his team will get us a great contract,” said UPS package car driver and Local 174 shop steward Rich Abitia. “We have a lot of problems that need to be solved, especially now that UPS has started Saturday delivery. I’m glad the IBT is listening to what we have to say.”

The UPS crew – consisting of O’Brien, Local 174 President and UPS Division Director Ted Bunstine, Local 174 UPS Senior Business Agents Jeff Sullivan and Matt Webby, and Local 174 UPS Business Agent Nate Madoulet – will be visiting other UPS locations in the Seattle area over the next two days to spread the message.

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The Pacific building UPS crew