Election Should Be About Letting All Eligible Voters Vote

Another example of why voting for labor-friendly politicians matters!How do you know that Election Day is right around the corner? Because anti-worker forces in key swing states are trying to tamp down on who can and cannot vote.

Critical actions in the last month in states such as Georgia and Wisconsin are making it clear that the corporate elite and their friends in office will stop at nothing to suppress the vote by making it harder for the young and old, minorities, the poor and disabled to have their voice heard. So much for the well-established principle of one person, one vote.

The most glaring example of politics at work currently is going on in the Peach State, where Georgia’s secretary of state (a Republican) is trying to throw out tens of thousands of new minority voter registrations. Not so coincidently, there just happens to be competitive U.S. Senate and governor races on the ballot in the state this year.

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