Hoffa, Biden Rally In Detroit On Labor Day

IBT President Jim Hoffa with Vice-President Joe Biden.Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa joined Vice President Joe Biden today to rally in Detroit prior to the city’s annual Labor Day parade to honor labor’s legacy and lead the charge for its future.

Thousands of union men and women brought their families out to the rally in a park at Michigan Ave. and Trumbull St. and raised their voices to celebrate everything labor has done for them and to support the ongoing fight for the state and nation’s future.

“People forgot what unions have done. We stand on the shoulders of the people before us they got us here and it’s our job to take it the rest of the way,” Hoffa said. “Where did the 8-hour a day come from? Unions. Where did the 40-hour work-week come from? Unions. Where did Social Security come from? Unions. Where did paid vacations come from? Unions.”

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