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Local 174 represents Building Materials and Construction workers at:

Alia RL, Bigge Crane, C&E Transport, City Transfer of Kent, Coluccio Construction, Hos Brothers, ICON, Lakeside Industries, Lehigh Northwest Technical Quality Control, Merlino Construction, Mid Mountain Contractors, NW Utilities, Pellco Construction, Scarsella Brothers, SCI Infrastructures, Tri-State Construction, Valley Pump Inc.
Armstrong Lumber, Blackstock Lumber, BMC West, Cadman, Cal Portland, Huttig Building Products, Lehigh Cement,  Limback Lumber Company, Old Castle Pre Cast “Utility Vault”, Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel, Sawdust Supply Company, Stoneway Concrete,
Foss Maritime Shipyard, Pacific Ship Repair, Vigor Industries Shipyard, Washington State Ferries
  • IBT Building Trades & Construction Division:
    The Teamsters Building Material & Construction Trade Division (BM&CTD) represents a wide variety of workers, including riggers, demolition workers, landscapers, pipeline construction workers, warehousers, and building supply manufactures.

    Here at Local 174, we represent workers in Sand and Gravel, Lumber, Shipyards, as well as Heavy Construction and over 40 regional Project Labor Agreements (PLAs). This division employs over 800 Teamsters at Local 174 and includes some of the most dangerous, difficult, and dirty work in the entire Union.

    IBT Division Director: Marion Davis

  • Business Agents:

    Carl Gasca
    Senior Business Agent
    Contact Phone: 206-441-6060 ext. 1323
    All Heavy Construction and PLAs

    Dave Jacobsen
    Senior Business Agent
    Contact Phone: 206-441-6060 ext. 1317
    Armstrong Lumber, BMC West, Blackstock Lumber, Huttig, Limback Lumber, Utility Vault, Foss Maritime Shipyard, Pacific Ship Repair, Vigor Shipyards

    Mike Walker
    Business Agent
    Contact Phone: 206-441-6060 ext. 1318
    Cadman, CalPortland, LeHigh, Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel, Sawdust Supply Co, Stoneway Concrete

  • Useful Links:

    Grievance form link

    **Please note that Grievances MUST be submitted in person or by fax. They will not be accepted via email.**



Building Trades & Construction Teamsters in the News:

Photos from Sand and Gravel Demands Meeting — May 21, 2017

June 2, 2017

On May 21, 2017, Local 174 members from five different Sand and Gravel employers came down to the Union hall to hold their Demands Meeting.

It was a productive meeting that gave the Local 174 contract negotiating team a good idea of what was important to the membership for their upcoming contract negotiation.

At the meeting, a Bargaining Committee was also selected. These representatives from the rank-and-file membership will attend all bargaining sessions with the Companies. They are:

John Anderson from Stoneway Seattle
Sean Stott from Stoneway Renton
Greg Allen from Salmon Bay
Todd Parker from Cadman Seattle
Dave McDowell from Cadman Eastside
Manny Navarro from Cadman Eastside
Ken Fiene from CalPortland
Mark Hislop from CalPortland
Curtis Emerson from Lehigh Cement

Here are some photos from the event. The full set is at the bottom, and is also available on Facebook at…)

Sand & Gravel Demands Meeting

Date: May 21, 2017. Click above for information.


Seattle Tunnel Project Tour — April 12, 2017

April 13, 2017

It was an exciting morning yesterday for a lucky group of Teamsters from Local 174, as well as other Teamster Locals across the country who were in town for the IBT Safety and Health Department’s Annual Instructor Development Program, led by Tom George, Director of the Teamsters/AGC Training Center. Local 174 Senior Business Agent Carl Gasca was able to arrange for us to be given access to the immense Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement tunnel project, where we were one of the last tour groups likely to be allowed into the site. Drilling of the tunnel — using the largest-ever Deep Boring Machine, “Bertha” — first started July 30, 2013, and after several delays, Bertha finally broke through the far side of her 2-mile journey on April 4, 2017. The project has involved Teamster labor at every step, with Teamsters driving sweepers, water trucks, concrete mixers, and various other heavy equipment in and out of the site.

We would like to thank Seattle Tunnel Partners Project Manager Chris Dixon, as well as STP Tunnel Quality Manager Carl Neagoy and Dragados Vice President of Underground Operations Greg Hauser for allowing us into the tunnel and giving us an amazing tour. The sheer immensity of this tunnel was indescribable, and difficult to properly capture in photos. The amount of skill, ingenuity, and absolute perfectionism involved in getting this work done boggles the mind. The more our tour guides explained the process of drilling, mining, and building the tunnel, the more awestruck our entire group became.


Paul Nerdrum of Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel Writes Letter RE Burke-Gilman Trail “Missing Link”

The saga of the “Missing Link” continues today as Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel Vice President Paul Nerdrum has sent a letter to Mayor Ed Murray, Director of the Seattle Department of Transportation Scott Kubly, and Director of the Office of Economic Development Brian Surratt. For background of the story, click here.

Nerdrum’s letter expresses disappointment and a loss of faith in the City’s Burke-Gilman Trail Missing Link Design Advisory Committee (DAC), accusing the City of using the DAC “to rubber stamp the same flawed trail location and design first suggested over 17 years ago.” He goes on to say that Salmon Bay Sand & Gravel is ready to participate in a process to determine the best route for the Missing Link, but only if the process is open and honest and examines “all design and locational alternatives to solving the Missing Link, including the Leary and Market route recommended by world-leading trail designers from Copenhagen.”

Read the full text of the letter here: P. Nerdrum Ltr to Mayor, SDOT & City Council re Design Advisory Committee (3.23.2017)

Teamsters Local 174 Descends On City Hall

March 21, 2017

On Monday, March 20, 2017, the Seattle City Council received a visit from a coalition of labor, business, and community leaders, including Teamsters Local 174, to express our opposition to the City’s current plan on where to complete the “Missing Link” to the Burke-Gilman bicycle trail in Ballard. Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announced in a press conference on February 28 that all interested parties had agreed to build the trail on Shilshole Avenue South, a thriving industrial corridor that is home to many family and union wage employers, including several Teamsters Local 174 signatory employers.

Salmon Bay Sand and Gravel is a Teamster employer located directly in the path of the intended “Missing Link” to the Burke-Gilman Trail. The suggested Burke-Gilman Trail route would have trucks like these crossing the bicycle path thousands of times a day.

However, the Mayor seems to have been misinformed. While certain opponents of the Shilshole Avenue plan have been persuaded to change their position, our coalition still strongly opposes this plan and believes that the trail would make much more sense if it were built on Leary Ave and Market Street. Building the trail there instead of on Shilshole would also save tens of millions of dollars, as the cost would likely be closer to $2 million rather than the $31 million budgeted for the Shilshole Avenue South route. Our coalition put out a press release on March 9, 2017 describing our position and the reasoning for it. The press release includes a quote from Teamsters Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks. It can be viewed here, and you can learn more about the background of the situation here.

Sen. Flake Legislation to Repeal Davis-Bacon an Attack on Working Families

January 26, 2017
Eliminating Prevailing Wage Undercuts Middle Class Americans

(WASHINGTON) – With his introduction of legislation to eliminate prevailing wage on federal infrastructure and construction projects this week, U.S. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) has leveled a vicious attack on livelihoods of millions of middle class workers.

Short and Sweet: One-day Strikes at OMA and Selland Get the Job Done

January 10, 2017

Just before five o’clock in the morning on October 20, 2016, in the cold pre-dawn darkness, a canopy was raised next to a construction yard in Seattle to protect the people underneath it from the driving rain. A burn barrel with the numbers “174” carved into it was filled with wood and set on fire. Someone had brought hot coffee, someone else had brought doughnuts, and everyone wished they had remembered their long underwear. The Teamsters Local 174 semi truck was parked across the street, and out of it came dozens of signs nailed to wooden stakes. The signs, which had been assembled the prior day, read “On Strike – O.M.A Unfair Labor Practice.” Teamsters Local 174 was going out on strike.

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