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Local 174 represents Warehouse and Grocery workers at:

Acme Farms, Alaskan Copper and Brass, American Steel, Baker Commodities, Bloch Steel, Bunzl, Food Services of America, Herche Transfer, Lincoln Moving & Storage, MacMillan Piper, Macy’s Logistics, Mondelez, Pacific Metal Company, Penske (Haggen), Ruan Transportation, Safeway, Sears Roebuck MDO, Sears Roebuck-RDC Pool Stock (Sears Logistics), Seattle Iron & Metals Corp, United Warehouse, Univar USA, and Veritiv.
  • IBT Warehouse Division:
    The Teamsters Warehouse Division represents members in warehousing, distribution, food processing and related industries. Workers in these industries include drivers, lift truck operators, equipment operators, food processing workers and clerical employees.

    Here at Local 174, we represent more than 630 members in 22 different locations. These members do all manner of different jobs, be it delivering groceries, storing scrap metal, rendering animal products, and everything in between.

    IBT Division Director: Steven Vairma

  • Business Agents:

    Tim AllenTim Allen
    Senior Business Agent
    Contact Phone: 206-441-6060 ext. 1316
    Email:  tallen@teamsters174.org
    Alaskan Copper & Brass, American Steel, Bloch Steel, Bunzl, Macy’s Logistics, Pacific Metal, Seattle Iron & Metals, Univar, Veritiv

    Carl Gasca

    Senior Business Agent
    Contact Phone: 206-441-6060 ext. 1323
    Email:  cgasca@teamsters174.org
    Safeway, Acme Farms

    Abe TaylorAbe Taylor
    Business Agent
    Contact Phone: 206-441-6060 ext. 1325
    Email:  ataylor@teamsters174.org
    Baker Commodities, Herche Transfer, MacMillan-Piper, United Warehouse

    Pete Lamb
    Business Agent
    Contact Phone: 206-441-6060 ext. 1344
    Email:  plamb@teamsters174.org
    Food Services of America, Mondelez, Ruan Transport, Sears Roebuck

  • Useful Links:

    Grievance form link

    **Please note that Grievances MUST be submitted in person or by fax. They will not be accepted via email.**



Warehouse and Grocery Teamsters in the News:

FMCSA Adds New Opioids to Drug Testing Panel Effective January 1, 2018

New Regulations will Test for Vicodin, OxyContin, Lorta, Norco, Dilaudid, etc.

November 21, 2017

Beginning January 1, 2018, the US Department of Transportations’ Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) will expand its drug testing panel to include four synthetic opioid drugs: hydrocodone, hydromorphone, oxycodone, and oxymorphone. These substances are more commonly known as Vicodin, OxyContin, Lorta, Norco, and Dilaudid, among others.

These drugs are being added in order to harmonize DOT regulations with the recently revised Health and Human Services (HHS) Mandatory Guidelines for Federal Workplace Drug Testing Programs. The HHS Guidelines were updated after studies of drug abuse trends made it clear that opioid abuse needed to be addressed.

The inclusion of these drugs is intended to combat illegal opioid abuse. There should not be a problem with these drugs if they are being taken responsibly via a legally valid prescription consistent with the Controlled Substances Act.

All FMCSA-regulated employers have until January 1, 2018 to revise their drug and alcohol testing policies to conform to the new regulations. Any Teamsters Local 174 member with a Commercial Drivers’ License and who is subject to FMCSA drug and alcohol testing at work should be aware of these changes. If you have any questions, please contact your Teamster Business Agent.

To learn more about this, read the full Department of Transportation rule published in the Federal Register on November 13, 2017.

Contract Ratification for Teamsters Local 174 Members at Mondelez

After months of challenging negotiations, 14 drivers ratified a strong agreement

November 6, 2017

On November 4, 2017, 14 Teamsters Local 174 members working at Mondelez voted to ratify a new 3-year agreement. The group of drivers, who deliver Mondelez products to stores, were thrilled to finally ratify a strong new contract after months of challenging negotiations.

“It was a long process to get here,” said Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks. “The Company originally came to the table with major takeaways, but we were able to fight those back and protect our members’ working conditions and Just Cause protections, while providing financial security with the best economic package this group has had in years.”

The new contract guarantees strong wage and pension increases, and also contains Health & Welfare protections to ensure that our members can continue to not pay anything out of pocket for healthcare.

The battle for this contract was long and difficult, and included a unanimous strike authorization vote on June 3. The contract originally expired on April 30, 2017.

“We would like to thank our members at Mondelez for their patience, solidarity, and for their belief in our efforts, with a special thanks to Local 174 Shop Steward Mick Fleming, who was a strong leader throughout bargaining,” said Local 174 Senior Business Agent Pete Lamb. “We were able to leverage that strength into a fantastic contract that we can all be proud of.”

Founded in 1909, Teamsters Local 174 represents 7,200 working men and women in the Seattle area. “Like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TeamstersLocal174.

“A Life-Changing Experience”: Local 174 Members Return from Hurricane Relief in Puerto Rico

October 19, 2017

Local 174 Senior Business Agent/Recording Secretary Carl Gasca and Local 174 Safeway member Ben Narayan depart from Seattle

For Teamsters Local 174 member Ben Narayan, the decision to go down to Puerto Rico and help with hurricane relief was easy.

“I saw on CNN that the Mayor down there was pleading ‘we can’t move the containers, we don’t have truck drivers.’ Well the Teamsters are built on trucking – it’s the backbone of our Union,” said Ben, a 30-year Teamster who has worked at Safeway since 2009. “I said ‘we need to be helping these people by sending truck drivers down.’” (more…)

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Update: October 10

October 10, 2017

Today marks the sixth full day that Teamsters — including Local 174 Safeway member Ben Narayan and Senior Business Agent/Recording Secretary Carl Gasca — will spend in Puerto Rico helping to clean up and rebuild after Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

The past five days have been filled with hard work that they are happy to be doing. They have been going deeper and deeper into the island to reach more far-flung communities that were ravaged by the hurricane, delivering supplies to families that have lost everything. The weather has been bad, with huge rainfall that led to even more flooding. The Teamsters once again stepped up, helping to evacuate people from flood zones.

Sleep has been a precious commodity, but one that they view as a luxury at this point, especially as they help people who have been living for weeks in houses without roofs, running water, or electricity.

“I gave one man some water and he cried,” said Gasca. “It has been a very emotional experience.”

“We continue to send our thoughts and prayers to everyone suffering in Puerto Rico right now, and we are still so proud of our Brothers for the sacrifices they have made to go down there and help,” said Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks.

Local 174 Safeway member Ben Narayan helps deliver water to hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico


One of the Puerto Rican families who have received help from the Teamsters


Local 174 Senior Business Agent/Recording Secretary Carl Gasca (right) with one of the Puerto Rican families who have received help from the Teamsters


Some of the damage wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico


Teamsters helping to deliver supplies to Puerto Rico


Teamsters helping to deliver supplies to Puerto Rico


Teamsters helping to deliver supplies to Puerto Rico


Teamsters helping to deliver supplies to Puerto Rico


Teamsters including Local 174 Senior Business Agent/Recording Secretary Carl Gasca (left) and Local 174 Safeway member Ben Narayan (second from left) work night shift helping Puerto Ricans escape flooding


More of the damage wrought by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Update: Day 1

October 5, 2017

Today, Local 174 Safeway member Ben Narayan and Safeway Senior Business Agent/Recording Secretary Carl Gasca began their first full day of hurricane relief in Puerto Rico — though their actual work began many hours ago. They both worked the night shift bringing much-needed food and baby supplies to hard-hit areas of the island, and have been working nonstop ever since.

Delivering food and baby supplies in the middle of the night

“Morale is great. Everyone is excited to be here and excited to be helping. Operators, Laborers, and Teamsters are all working together with the local municipalities to clean up San Juan. And the Teamsters are leading the way,” Gasca said this morning.

When asked what they had him doing, he said “everything. I’m in a dump truck right now hauling debris. So is Ben.”

“So to everyone at the Local who said I had been a Business Agent too long and couldn’t drive a truck anymore — why don’t you come on down here and say that?” he joked. He said the accommodations were about as expected, with cots and warm showers.

“The humidity is unbearable, but we are roughing it in good spirit. There are great people from all over the country — nurses, doctors, people from every trade.”

Local 174 member Ben Narayan stands with Teamsters from New York while waiting to board the plane to Puerto Rico.

“Thank you so much to Carl, Ben, and all the other Teamsters who have shown such willingness to sacrifice their personal comfort to help others in need. We are so proud of you!” said Teamsters Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks. “And of course, Carl, anyone who has seen you drive our Local 174 truck is not surprised that your skills behind the wheel are as sharp as ever. You truly are a leader and we are lucky to have you.”

The Teamsters were visited by San Juan Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz, who thanked them for their assistance.


Safeway.com Contract Demands Meeting

Date: October 8, 2017. Click above for information.


Safeway.com Delivery Drivers Vote to Join Teamsters Local 174

Group of Drivers is First in the Nation to Organize with a Union

September 6, 2017

Almost seventy delivery drivers at Safeway.com voted today to join Teamsters Local 174, a historic victory with potentially wide-ranging effects as these are the first Safeway.com delivery drivers in the nation to vote to join a Union.

The organizing drive, which took place over several months and was spearheaded by Local 174 Organizer Meaza Ogbe and Safeway.com delivery driver Dan Oliver, reached its conclusion today as votes were counted at the National Labor Relations Board.

“This is huge for us. Everyone at this company was a Union member except for us,” said Safeway.com driver and lead Organizing Committee member Dan Oliver. “And it was clear from our compensation, benefits, and the way we were treated at work that not being Union was hurting us. All of that is going to change now.”

“I am so proud of these guys for standing up for their rights,” said Local 174 Organizer Meaza Ogbe. “It takes courage to stand up to your Employer and demand respect, and these guys had courage to spare.”

The organizing victory comes at a critical moment in the home grocery delivery industry, as Seattle-based product delivery juggernaut Amazon has recently purchased the upscale grocery chain Whole Foods.

“This is not just a big win for these Safeway.com drivers, but this is a foot in the door for other organizing opportunities in this same industry in the future,” said Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks. “Home grocery delivery is a growing industry, and from this day forward, it is going to be an industry that includes the Teamsters Union.”

Teamsters Local 174 already represents Safeway distribution center drivers who operate out of Safeway’s facilities in Auburn and Bellevue delivering groceries to stores across the state, along with dispatchers and employees at the Recycle Center in Auburn. These members are glad to welcome their new Brothers and Sisters into the Teamsters Union.

“Safeway drivers and warehousemen in our Local just ratified the richest contract in their history, while these Safeway.com drivers are struggling just to get enough hours to qualify to buy company health insurance,” said Local 174 Senior Business Agent Carl Gasca, who is the Business Agent for the Safeway distribution center drivers and will be the Business Agent for the newly-organized group as well. “Now that we are all standing together, I know that we can get a better deal and a better life for these home delivery drivers.”

“I am so excited for what the future holds for us,” said new Safeway.com Teamster Candice Herrera. “There’s nowhere for us to go but up.”

Now that the group has officially voted to join the Teamsters, the next step is for the Union and the Company to sit together and negotiate a first contract for the drivers, who deliver customers’ grocery orders from Safeway stores directly to their homes, on a strict timeline to preserve the groceries’ freshness.

“This just-in-time, right-to-your-home delivery system is not just the next step for the grocery industry – it’s the next step for the entire package delivery industry,” said Local 174 Secretary-Treasurer Rick Hicks. “This is the future, and it is a future in which Teamsters Local 174 will be an active participant.”

“This is just the beginning,” he continued. “Other home delivery drivers are watching, and they are going to see how much benefit these Safeway.com drivers will get from being members of Teamsters Local 174. We hope that they will also find the courage to stand up and say ‘I demand respect’ at their workplaces. And if they do, we will be ready to help them.”

Founded in 1909, Teamsters Local 174 represents 7,200 working men and women in the Seattle area. “Like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TeamstersLocal174.

Major Victory for Local 174 as Safeway Teamsters Ratify New Four-Year Agreement

July 16, 2017

Teamsters Local 174 members at Safeway voted today to ratify a new four-year contract with their Employer. The agreement covers both the drivers who deliver Safeway products to Safeway stores throughout the state, and workers in the Recycle Center.

The new contract is an incredible victory for our members. They will be receiving industry-leading wage increases, along with full maintenance of benefits on their healthcare, and pension increases that put them in the top ten percent of Local 174 contracts. (more…)

Mondelez Teamsters Vote Unanimously to Authorize Strike Action

June 5, 2017

On June 3, 2017, Mondelez Teamsters from Local 174 and Local 117 all stood together in solidarity and voted unanimously to authorize a strike action if necessary. The group of workers includes Local 117 members working in a warehouse, and Local 174 members who deliver Mondelez products to stores. These workers have been in contract negotiations for several months with a Company that seems intent on giving them as little as possible — despite making billions of dollars in annual profit and having a stock price that has gone up more than 37% over the past three years.

“They came to us at the bargaining table crying poor. But there’s just one problem: their financial information is public and they are anything but poor,” said Mondelez employee and Bargaining Committee member Mick Fleming. “Their CEO made well over $15 million last year. Now they want to take that money out of MY pocket? No way.”

In 2016, Mondelez reported $25.9 billion in revenues and $2.57 billion in operating profit. Meanwhile, the Company is not even willing to provide its employees with sick leave.


Mondelez Strike Authorization Vote

Date: June 3, 2017. Click above for information.


Photos from Safeway Demands Meeting — May 21, 2017

June 1, 2017

I apologize for the delay in getting these pictures up, but as you can imagine, when dealing with photos of such a good-looking group, I wanted to make sure I gave my full attention to every single picture.

On May 21, 2017, we had the Safeway Demands Meeting here at the Union hall. At this important meeting, members of the Safeway bargaining unit discussed their priorities and demands for the upcoming contract negotiation between Teamsters Local 174 and Safeway.

The world’s most cheerful sign-in attendants


Teamsters Protest Vistar Foodservice at ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Premiere

June 1, 2017

Workers Ask Vistar to End Discrimination

(HOLLYWOOD, Calif.) – Teamster members who work at Vistar Foodservice’s distribution facility in City of Industry, Calif. protested outside the world premiere of the film “Wonder Woman” last week.

The 85 drivers and warehouse workers at Vistar, a division of Performance Food Group, are represented by Teamsters Local 630. The workers are currently in negotiations for their very first contract at Vistar.

Outside the premiere, the workers held signs and distributed leaflets that said “Stop The Discrimination.” One major issue is that Vistar places women in the lowest-paying warehouse jobs, where they earn less than $13 per hour and some earn minimum wage. (more…)

UNFI Warehouse Workers in California Join Teamsters Local 166

May 19, 2017

After a five-year battle to form a union, 280 warehouse workers at the largest organic and natural food supplier in the United States, United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI), have voted to join Teamsters Local 166 in Bloomington, California.

“Company efforts to avoid union representation were overcome by workers determined to have a voice in their work life and fair treatment on the job,” said Mike Bergen, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 166. “The workers at UNFI in Moreno Valley have finally received the justice and victory they deserve. We will work hard with these newest Teamsters to win a strong contract that addresses their problems.” (more…)

Safeway Demands Meeting

Date: May 21, 2017. Click above for information.


Teamsters Ratify Agreement at US Foods

March 20, 2017

Contract Raises the Bar for Food Service Agreements in the Nation

(BLAINE, Minn.) – Teamsters Local 120 members at US Foods in Plymouth, Minn., ratified a new four-year collective bargaining agreement on Sunday that raises the bar for food service agreements across the nation. The new agreement includes significant annual raises, maintenance of benefits and up to $10 per week each year into a health reimbursement account for more than 300 drivers and inside facility workers.

The battle with US Foods began when the company attempted to merge with Sysco over two years ago. That merger was opposed by the Teamsters and subsequently blocked by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Teamsters Warehouse Division. Since the FTC ruling, US Foods unsuccessfully attempted to ram concessions into many Teamster contracts. (more…)

US Foods Teamsters Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify 4-Year Contract

March 13, 2017


Teamsters who work at US Foods voted overwhelmingly yesterday afternoon to ratify a new 4-year contract.

The agreement covers 128 drivers and warehouse workers who operate out of the US Foods facility in Fife as well as members of three other Local Unions. (more…)

Teamsters Rally at XPO Headquarters Against CEO Pay Bonanza

December 20, 2016

CEO Bradley Jacobs, Board Didn’t Show Up To Answer Questions

(GREENWICH, Conn.) – Today, Teamsters Union members rallied outside XPO’s headquarters to denounce a compensation plan that could provide a windfall stock award for CEO Bradley Jacobs worth $110 million at current stock price levels. Jacobs and the Board didn’t show up to field workers’ and shareholders’ questions and concerns over the incentive pay plan.

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